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A Passion to Dance


8"X10" Acrylic

A dear friend of my moms, and often a  second mom to me is Wilma Elhard. Having everything she could possibly want, always up at the crack of dawn and making sure the laundry room is open & the coffee is on for those in her community, she is turning 91 this October 19th. Not wanting a whoop-te-do or a party to celebrate her 91 years, I can only give her a few lovely memories of mine being a child in her presence. We were NEVER a Shirley Temple or a Ballerina in the making, but I am sure she will agree with me on this; this little painting reminds me of HER... what dreams little girls have and what it must of been like to be Wilma at a young age.


Jamies Babies!!

A Christmas Present for Jamie!! 18"X24" Acrylic. I had Jamie take a new picture for me from her camera. Much better!! :0



And Away She Goes!

My Uncle Arnolds' granddaughter Chelsea, taking her grandpas truck for a spin! 14"X18" Acrylic



A Family of Horses 

This is a 11X14 acrylic...the underpainting... My niece loves horses, and has always wanted the painting I did of Regner Rd because it has a horse in it. I promised her last winter that someday she could have that painting...or would she prefer a painting I painted just for her. is the beginning! Hopefully will be done by Christmas 2016!


Foggy, Windy Day at the Coast

This painting started out as a present for my daughter who's birthday was in September.... but ended up having to buying  a couple of books for her instead. (Couldn't get this one just right, AGAIN!! LOL) Inspired by two of my grandsons...brothers that were playing.  I love how much caring that is shown in the face of the elder brother, Mason. Leo is so lucky to have such a caring playful sibling, and such a rumbunkous dog Rudy!

20 X 24 Acrylic



Elk on the beach

For my daughter Jamie.... Living in Lincoln City, having the ocean so close and being off the beaten path Elk roam freely. You asked for a painting of Elk on the beach...and to you ...I will try and do the best I can. ANYTHING for MY Daughter!



Fathers, Brothers and Sons

To my son-in-law Jeremy...a treasured moment with the birth of Leo. A painting or picture can make time stand still...a reflection of the happiness you all shared. Mason with his mask on because of a cold..yet you can still see his excitement of his new brother. And then there is your father...a new feeling...a father to his first born son, experiencing fatherhood. A cherished moment for all of you.


Uncle Bob and Ken!

The underpainting... I wish I had gotten more pictures of everyone playing the guitars and singing... but found this picture of my Uncle Bob and my cousing Ken...Had to paint it for my collection! This is acrylic, a greyish gesso, with burnt seinna and warm pink highlights. May end up finishing it in oil...not to sure yet


University California at Berkeley - Golden Bears

Thought I would upload the process for the painting I just finished. Had such a wonderful memorable trip to LA for my Aunt and Uncles 60th that my cousins son, Kyle loved the bear I did for them...With enthusiasm! He asked for a Cal Bell....(so I thought!! HA, HA!!).., anyway I just wanted to do this for him. NO COMMISSION!! A Gift!! It was so great getting to know a part of my family that I had never gottoen to know. Love them all!


A Bear for Audrey and Bob Huffman

I finished this bear about a month ago for my Aunt and Uncles 60th wedding anniversary. They live in Arkansas 1/2 the year, and Los Angeles the other 1/2. For their home in the woods in Arkansas...Audrey had requested about 2 years ago that I paint a black bear or some other kind of wild life for her cabin. Since I wanted it to be a GIFT...I waited until this year....otherwise she would have insisted to pay for it!! This is a gift from my heart...Something for a very special couple!